My name is Leah Carr - say my initials out loud - LC - that's where the name "elcee" comes from! 

R I D E   OR   D I E

I enjoy living in Brighton with my

loves of my life Paul and our son Ozzy (nope, that's not short for anything it's just Ozzy)!

I have chosen to specialise in wedding, events, and promotional videography simply because I enjoy doing it and the WILDER better

 FYI  Here  are  a  few random things that rock my world

Dancing  Yoga  boots  dogs  anything vintage  Australia  sunshine  musicals  the ocean  singing  photos  children's books  chocolate  peacocks  Japanese Whiskey  tattoos  red wine  rock n roll/soul/hip hop  aromatherapy oils + candles  lavender  roadtrips    

cooking  Mexican food  hot tea  old records  ice-cream  Sunday's   ice-cream Sundaes!

Let me tell you a little about my love for videography...

When I was young my family used to make videos to send over to my grandparents (who lived on the other side of the world). I always loved playing a part in creating a memory and knowing that those videos were bringing someone joy. I still watch those old VHS video tapes today and they still bring me so much joy and THAT'S what I want to create for the couples and families I work with. I want to capture the moments in time that will become your favourite memories, the memories that you will share with your family and loved ones and watch again and again. The memories that tell a story about a particular time in your life; a newborn baby, your wedding day, a fun family day at home. Whatever it is that's important to you, I would love to film it and capture your unique, special moments in an honest and heartfelt way.

*NB I do have a tendancy to cry when I'm filming highly emotional events such as...any of the above!

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